A Monster Wearing a Flashy Tie!⁣

Happy rain season!

I am not really complaining! I have some super cute rain boots that I can only wear when it is rainy out. I very much love these boots they are super cute and don’t look like rain boots. Our great dane is very much so complaining. He hates rain. He will refuse to go out to use the restroom when it is raining. It’s annoying only because he will cry insistently to go out. You will then open the door and he is like “lol nope” and then will run away. All of this to repeat 5 minutes later. He’s used to the new england weather so in the summer 5 minutes later can be sunny and hot… HOWEVER in spring this is not usually the case.

Today’s drawing prompt is what the title says. I have been… Well rather had been playing a lot of monster hunter world the past weeks. I have since gotten obnoxiously busy and if I want to do mermay I need to take my hour or so of nightly free time to work on mermaids. (get excited I hope… I suppose I will still post what I get done but no promises for the whole month!) So today’s monster is legiana! I love legiana. She’s just so pretty… I also thought it would be fun to draw her with a tie on. I don’t know why it just popped in my head and I had to do it. Sometimes when it comes to art things I have low impulse control. I am surprised I havent bought all the paints needed to pain the doggies for dungeons and doggies yet. Maybe when I get back from my next work trip so I might have more time.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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