An Orc Assassin in a Cave!⁣

Happy Thursday,

How is everyone’s week going? Anyone have plans for the weekend? I do! My plans are the same as any other work day…. Go to work lol… I don’t mind when I am away from home I don’t really go out to explore on my own. I know I am pretty boring. I just usually am like okay so I did my full time job longer than I normally would do alllll weeeek loooonnnnggg so I need to work on my art stuff and watch a few movies and veg out. I do explore sometimes. I just find it hard when you don’t have a car, and its rainy and then you have to pay some one else to drive you around if nothing is in walking distance… And I don’t like spending money on transportation. I mean gas money sure but Ubers and taxis are expensive.

Today’s prompt is “An Orc Assassin in a Cave!⁣” So I had a ton of fun with this one. I don’t normally draw orcs and I do feel like I could of probably done better with some references. I just didn’t want to chew through my phone battery while I was waiting around the airport. I know there are usually chargers but it’s just a pain since everyone sits around them. I just don’t like feeling like a techy gremlin or something…. The green pen I have is SO BRIGHT. Not that it’s horrible I just need to figure out how to blend them. I am thinking about seeing how the highlighters work for this note book. If anyone has any experience with the frixion highlighters let me know!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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