I was born and raised in the Midwest. I have always had a love of art. My first degree was in Graphic Design. I graduated with that degree in 2006 and started work at a screen printing business. Eventually I decided it was my time to move half way across the country away from my family to the east coast. I fell in love with the ocean as soon as I stepped foot on the beach and knew I couldn’t ever live too far from it. I worked for sometime at an ornament design & production shop. I unfortunately got laid off from that position, and struggled for sometime to find work in the art field. Eventually I took some time to re-evaluate my life and decided to go back to school for Network Engineering. I graduated with a Bachelors in Network Engineering May of 2014. I now work for a consulting agency, which has placed me full time at a government facility.

A little history on the name:

Sonne Faun Art is a fresh start for me. Coming up with a new pen name was difficult.  I have been using the same handle on online communities and on any video games for over 15 years (putting a number there makes me feel super old). I finally decided on Sonne Faun Art. While doing research on germanic goddesses the word Sunna / Sunne (meaning Sun) stuck with me. Since if you google Sunna it comes up with an Israeli book, I decided it best to go with the modern word Sonne. Sonne is German / Middle English.

Fauns are one of my most liked mythical creatures, and they are sadly very underused. I say most liked because I have an obsession with dragons, and elves. I didn’t really want to do Sonne Elf because I felt that every fantasy game out there has some form of “sun elf”.

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