First Posting!

Welcome to my new blog! You found it hooray!! I promise that my blogs from now on out will have some sort of art with them. I am just setting this up and wanted something here instead of the generic first blog post.

I used to use blogspot for my blogs a year or so ago. After getting married, graduating with my second college degree, and getting a job in the IT field. That blog fell to the way side. So I decided to start fresh with a new blog and a new online handle (aka: alias or pen name) for myself / art that isn’t my gaming handle. Which finding this new pen name / alias was some what difficult for me! I have been going by my gaming handle for at least 15 years on the internet. I finally did it though after hours of thought and research. I wanted it to be something unique, but was “me”.

So let’s break down Sonne Faun. Sonne is Sun in German / Middle English. It also comes from Sunne or Sunna (High German/Old English). My heritage is German so I wanted to have a bit of that in the name. I had been looking at Germanic goddesses and to be honest there aren’t very many that weren’t Nordic. I have always found medieval stories, mythology, customs, and history interesting. I have always found Fauns to be adorable. They are among my favorites next to elves, dragons, and dryads. Of course all of the above have a less than appealing route as well, but don’t we all?

I hope to fill this blog with my art on a rough weekly basis. If I post more than once a week great if not then that’s fine too. I found when I post daily the posts become a chore and I want this to be fun and to be able to put my art out there for others to view and appreciate (and maybe buy).

I will hopefully get to work on an avatar for myself and a banner for this, and plan on posting some back logged art to fill the days.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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