Sonne Faun Avatar WIP

I havSonneFaunWIPe been diligently working on my avatar to be associated with my new pen name The Sonne Faun. I decided to do a more cute pose to hash out how I want her to look and the color swatch for her.

A little on my thought process: I knew I wanted to make her as soon as I came up with the name Sonne Faun. I actually decided a lot about her design as soon as I made up the logo. The hoof print in the logo is a Doe print. So I wanted to make her a Doe. I struggled a bit with her coloration. I did  not want her to look young / teenage. I felt that she should most definitely be an adult. This meant no cute little spots because adult deer grow out of their spots. As I wanted to again keep it in line with what an adult doe would be I felt the need to forgo the horns that fauns usually sport. I do understand that they are mythical creatures and some rules can be bent, however fauns are based on wild life.

I left all my references on this to share a little peek into my whole process. I also left the layers open. I don’t usually have them open unless I am making a new one / merging / switching between them.

Anyways I hope you enjoy! She is far from done, but I wanted to share that she is being worked on and my other WIPs have been shelved for a bit.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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