Inquisitor WIP Background work

So I know I wasn’t planning on posting very often, but I like sharing my progress on any of the pieces I am working on. Guessing this will be a normal thing as long as I am making progress? Also I am feeling grateful today. My mother-in-law had some major surgery done today and the surgery went well. I am so happy about this! They are going to hold her in ICU over night which wasn’t the original plan but they want to play it safe, and I don’t blame them.


So back to the artwork! the background was irritating me all yesterday, which is why there wasn’t a progress shot of that. I actually logged into the game and took a screenshot (to the right). The screen shot is so large arg! So for reference I had to have it open on my computer and sketch it out on my tablet. So frustrating! I like having the reference next to my work so I can easily select and zoom as needed. It just kept getting in the way and it was annoying the crap out of me.

wpid-screenshot_2015-04-09-15-46-35.pngI think if I have time tomorrow I am going to make the background more solid and tighten up those lines… Hopefully it doesn’t become a thorn in my side… One of my new years resolutions was to draw backgrounds. I know I am pretty good at character illustration and portraits, especially women (working on drawing men is my other resolution). Anyways I will just leave this update here and let everyone get on with their days.


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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