Inquisitor WIP – Starting to add color

wpid-screenshot_2015-04-17-15-31-59.pngOne of my coworkers suggested doing a throw back Thursday to my old art work.. He didn’t really use that verbiage… If he did I may have to ask to take his temperature. I am highly considering doing this just for fun to see how I feel about it and if I don’t like it I can just stop… It isn’t like anyone is holding me to it…yet.

So for my inquisitor piece I have been working on, I actually did not get much accomplished this week for it… This week has been hellish.. I was sick yesterday, work has been bumping which is great makes the days go by fast, and we have been working on my car. We are hoping to sell it and upgrade to a truck. Anyways just going to leave this screen shot here for your viewing pleasure.


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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