New Endeavors

I am so sorry about the lack of posting! I have a huge (and I mean HUGE) backlog of art to post. At least I guess I have some of a back log to keep the blog a little more busy. I absolutely hate the phone / tablet application for posting. I like going into the html code to make everything pretty and proper sizing etc. I know it is just an excuse. I definitely need to figure out how to make this a habit.

On another note: One of my husband’s and my close friends opened a new business that let’s you paint pottery and they fire it. Now I have even another way to get creative along side being able support two of my friends with their business endeavors. It is so much fun! I definitely suggest that people should go and find a place like this near them. They make great gifts and it is a fun outing for friend meetups or family outings.

So like I stated earlier, I have a massive back log of things that I have done art wise. Since I have spoken about the pottery business in the previous paragraph, I will post my recent pottery endeavors. I will make another post with some of the sketches and paintings I have done the past few months as to not overwhelm one blog post.

The first time we went i did two pieces. One massive dog treat holder for our great dane, Lincoln, and one plate. The glaze / paint was not as cooperative as I wanted on the dog treat holder, however it matches our kitchen counter tops as it is now which is pretty awesome!


20160722_214837 IMG_20160730_214328
 20160722_214844  IMG_20160730_214228


This last weekend when we went I only did on thing. I only have it non-fired for pictures at the moment because I just did it. I will post what it looks like fired as soon as it is ready and back at our house. I did the tsudere shark meme cause I thought it was funny and cute.


 IMG_20160730_200555  IMG_20160730_200558


I will totally be doing more pottery art in the future! I am hoping that I can keep making time to post my art instead of putting it off because work and other parts of life keep ramping up.


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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