New Things

Happy thursday everyone!! I got to try out the new items I bought for my tablet. The styluses are amazing and the hand glove not so much. I got the ones with the precision end and the rubber/felt end. The precision end is nice. It does not however have as much of a pressure sensitivity… I feel like it is because of how it is shaped. It does not have the squish-y-ness of the rubber / felt side.  The hand glove was a disappointment. I was hoping to be able to rest my hand on the touch screen. The material is too thin to work… I might just crochet myself something… It would work better… Only down side is summer time would be unbearable.

For the art piece today I figure I would talk about this one (to the left) which is a water color. Well its a water color done with water color pencils!!

This works for the new things title because when I worked with them they were new-ish. I got some water color pencils from my in-laws for a Christmas gift the year before. They sat there for a bit mostly because I never had any that worked well.

One day I wanted to do a water color of my husband’s and my great dane. Obviously I had to pick one of his favorite poses. He is such a good model too. I was looking for all of my water color stuff to set up and re-found these pencils. I figured why not try them out? I was in for a great surprise when I worked with these pencils.


They blend very well and are much more vibrant once wetted (is this even a word?) compared to when they are dry. I actually was afraid of the black getting everywhere or not shading properly because of how well it spread. I like how much less messy they were as well compared to actual water colors. I could do more quick projects with these. If you are interested in the pencils you can find them here.

This “painting” is now hanging in our office and is completely befitting how much work I actually do in our office and how much play is actually done.

With that said I can’t wait to share all of the other projects I have done in the past year with all of you!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun




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