Exciting news

Hello Everyone!!! No new art post today but this is an extra post for the week! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s art post! Instead I have some exciting news!!
First off I have started selling some of my art as prints / designs on Society 6!! I took awhile to do this because I wanted to make sure I could keep up with everything for this lovely art blog along with my personal and work life. I have the art work on more than just paper! Also offering a wide variety of objects such as, shirts, mugs, and bags!!

Check out the Sonne Faun Art Store at society6!

Secondly I would like to note there are other ways to follow my blog! I will start adding these to the bottom of each blog post but thought I would point it out as well. I know a lot of people don’t want to sign up for wordpress or have to have yet another email in your inbox whenever I post something cool. I have set up the following social media accounts for your viewing pleasure: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+
Lastly, I have started a portfolio on weasyl. I have yet to upload anything there as of yet. I also plan on setting up a few other sites in case people dislike one over the other. I did start up a Deviant Art page however I am unsure if I like their terms when you post an art piece. I am going to read them over again just in case I read them incorrectly, but some of the phrasing seemed fishy.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun

Follow me on any of these platforms:

Want to buy something you see? Click here to shop!



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