Don’t Touch My Bottle

Hey Guys!!!

I am so sorry about not posting last week. If anyone follows U.S. new might of saw that a majority of New England lost power this past Sunday. Our electric company kinda sucks and for the maybe 5 hour storm probably closer to a 3 hour storm many did not have power until this past Friday. To make up for this I will post 4 time this week! I was thinking Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However my schedule wouldn’t allow for me to post this past Sunday. So it looks like it will be Monday, and Tuesday, then Thursday, and Friday.

This week will be water bottles!!! I have an odd obsession with a few of the types of water bottles. I love a few of the new style of tumblers with the straw I just hate that they don’t transport well for work. Today’s water bottle is one of my favorites to look at ahaha…. I can never actually own a glass water bottle I am too clumsy! However they are always so pretty and fun! I put this one on a colored background so that you can see the light reflecting off of the glass.

The text to go with this piece is “Don’t Touch My Bottle”. My husband and I started saying this as a joke when I first moved out to the east coast. Lately I have noticed more people saying it so I figured why not turn it into a print! I love it! I might have to buy a tank top of this to wear while working out!!!


You can find this print at my red bubble store here without text or here with the text.  As well as my society 6 store here without text or here with the text. I am also looking into a few other t-shirt websites to see if I could expand where everyone could purchase from. I know some people like one site over another.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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