Just Beat It!

Happy first Tuesday of December guys!

Everyone starting their Christmas shopping? Maybe a lot of you have almost finished?! I actually did a lot of personal art for people this year and had it printed on RedBubble! The pieces came super fast. I honestly was expecting it to take like 2 weeks maybe 3. I was pleasantly suprised at the quickness. I have to say the quality is still amazing. I will post pictures of everything after the people open their gifts. Don’t want to ruin the surprises now do we?

So with my past history from society 6 I would say ordering now might be a little close depending on what you buy and if you do the express shipping. I am really cheap and hate paying for shipping… Also Amazon spoils me. So just keep that in mind when you order something. Maybe pick one website over another if the item is on both.

Today’s art work is my favorite head phones of all time! As I have mentioned before my ears are super sensitive. Most head phones press on them and after like 30 minutes my ears start hurting. For things like work when I need fold-able head phones I just deal with sore ears. Lately I’ve done a lot of repetitive tasks and need the podcast to listen to.

So these go over your ears!!! I love them! My gaming head set looks similar to these. The pun is kind of Micheal Jackson ish…. Beat it!

I love all of these head phones so much guys!

You can find this print at my red bubble store here without text or here with the text.  As well as my society 6 store here without text or here with the text.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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