Christmas Gift – KJ and Justin


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

First post of 2018!! I am really glad that I started working on these posts last year. I plan to keep it up and keep the schedule as nicely as I can. I know there will be weeks of holidays and vacations with lack of posts. I hope that you all will still be so understanding when I don’t do any posts those weeks.

This week I finally get to reveal this little piece of art work!!!


This is my friend’s dog, Banjo! He is such a fun silly little guy! Last Halloween my friend put her tutu on him and he endured the pictures. I stole one of these pictures and used a few pictures with his super happy face and made this master piece!!! I love it so much!

So I used RedBubble to make a Mug for Justin and a shirt / purse for KJ! Seriously could not of expected these to come out any better.

I love these studio bags. The canvas is really nice! I do wish the zipper tab was longer but there are little cute key chains for that!

The shirt is so cute!! It did get wrinkly on me. I had to stash it away for a few days and I should of hung it up sooner!

I should of made Banjo bigger on the mug. That really is my only complaint and it is all to me. My camera didn’t want to focus so I used flash and it made the colors a little more vibrant.

Now that Christmas is over I will work out a commission schedule. If anyone wants a piece done they can check it out and view some samples as well if they don’t follow the blog.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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