Rhino Iguana

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I can’t believe January has gone by so fast! As much as I wish the weather would hurry up and become summer again, I just don’t want the year to go by super quick. I am sure many of you know what I mean.
Today’s lizard is the rhino iguana! I actually love how adorable these guys act when they are domesticated.. Well as domesticated as a lizard can get! They really do remind me of puppies. They run around and get super excited to see their owners. It is really cute! I have never owned one just watched videos of those who do!
Coloration is going to be a big issue for me on the lizards that have multiple colors and not defined scales on their faces. I really tried to make him look as cute as possible!
I really wanted a bright color for the background of the plaid. His face was hard to fit into the plaid for me and have it look nice.
If you love these guys you can pick up the plaid version here (redbubble) or here (society6). You can also pick up this adorable lizard face here (redbubble) or here (society6).

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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