Leopard Gecko

Happy First Tuesday of February!!!

Who is excited for valentines day?!?! I have my pups and husband to buy for this year.. Not sure what we will be doing for it yet. Hopefully nothing too crazy!

I used to own a leopard gecko. When I first moved out to the east coast they were all I could have in my apartment. After awhile I found out my land lady was afraid of them so I kept them near the door to keep her out of my apartment. She was the type of land lady who thought her self more of a Land mother than a land lady. Complete with telling me how I should be doing my laundry, cleaning my studio apartment and when I should take out the trash. These guys were cute, but I eventually found that I could not keep up with them with my new lifestyle.

I wanted to remember the cuteness of these guys so I found a tone of cute little faces and merged them into one. I hope all of you like it!

I love the plaid color for these guys a lot! The plaids take a lot of doing for my society 6 store so I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. Actually this seems to be the biggest time consumer for all of the lizards!

You can pick up the cute face here (redbubble) or here (society6), as well as the plaid here (redbubble) or here (society6)

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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