Blue Tongued Skink

This is the last lizard!!! Like I said on my bearded lizard post, my friend inspired me to do a lizard series, so I wanted to foil these posts with her two babies. My friend has a beautiful blue tongued skink. I love him he’s so adorable! I stole some cute photos from her facebook. I also used them as references to draw him, so I think it’s fitting to share them with all of you. I do use references a lot while drawing… It helps defeat artist block for me.

I absolutely had to get the blue tongue in the design!! Otherwise you could just say he was any brown lizard. Especially if you aren’t a lizard person. I added some markings to him to hopefully make this design incorporate beautiful striping on my friend’s skink.

The colors for the plaid were slightly challenging. I didn’t want him to just blend in to the background, so I darkened it up a bit.

I am really glad I decided my hand at drawing some lizards! They definitely gave me a run for my money! I always love a challenge though and am always looking forward to the next hurdle. If you loved this piece be sure to stop by either of my stores and take a look! You can find the cute faces here (redbubble) or here (society6) and the lovely plaid here (redbubble) or here (society6).

For some house keeping and updates! Next week will probably be sketches! I had loads of time to sketch on the plane rides recently. Also I am doing more research and work on a patreon for those who would like to do a more monthly like support system. I am battling a cold at the moment, so I am mostly looking at what I could do as rewards. I was thinking of coasters and small things like that. I am looking into how to incorporate shipping costs to people not in the US. A thought would be to have a different tier for those who are over seas. Let me know if this is crazy. Also feel free to give me a shout out on how you feel about a patreon account. I think it would be fun to get a set of coasters or something similar over the year from your favorite artist.

A reminder to those who don’t want to purchase anything but would still like to support my artwork / blog that I have the Ko-Fi account. Link to buy me a coffee will be at the bottom of each blog post moving forward!

Lastly I just wanted to extend a big thank you again for everyone who loves my artwork. You guys have really inspired and pushed me to keep going with it! I honestly wasn’t sure about anyone outside of my family liking it / thought I would be writing and posting it to the emptiness of the internet and have been pleasantly surprised.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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