Happy second week in March all!!

I hope everyone in New England is safe and sound. I also hope that everyone in the midwest who have gotten slammed by the blizzards this past week are also doing well.. The midwest usually has more of a handle on how to handle the snow, so I am not as worried about all of you guys! However a lot of New England has issues with snow… Mostly actually plowing the snow appropriately and the electric company being on top of actually having the staff to cover the storms.
So I decided to split up the lemon posts. I am not a fan of the super long blog posts. I feel like we all have a specific attention span, which is why reddit started TL:DR. I had a lot of fun coloring and drawing these.
I was trying to get the video of me drawing the half of lemon off of my tablet and onto the blog and it was not going as planned. It also made the video shorter than I had originally thought I had it recording for. Hopefully I can figure this out and share it with you by thursday.
I was debating putting these two out as prints and decided why not. Some of you may just like one part and not the whole. You can find the half a lemon on here (RedBubble) or here (society6). You can find the whole lemon here (RedBubble) or here (society6).

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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