Winter Creeper – Lines

Good Morning all!!

Yep posting bright early and not at all bushy tailed…. Maybe my hair still is… I am not sure about that one…. erk.. So traveling by train for commuting is not the worst thing ever however my motion sickness pretty much stops me from being able to do anything, but socialize and listen to audio books. I probably should of tried to get some of those patches before this week started when I got the doctor’s note for my leg.

Note on my leg it is doing better still can’t lift a bunch, but I have gone from unable to walk any more than 5 minutes with out pain to starting to do some work out stuff. I am pretty thrilled about that! I also think I found a yoga buddy! Hopefully after all of this work away from home that I will be doing I can start a routine of doing that. PT wants me to do it and it will be cheaper than paying for all those PT visits. I will still have a few wellness visits with them, so I’m not doing this with out supervision.

Onto the art piece for this week! I have a love hate relationship with the winter creepers we got a few years ago. They are beautiful and invasive plants. They really are meant for ground cover with exception that they would like to attach themselves to anything near by. Like my truck or the house or the fire bushes. So we did recently get them some lovely trellises and some tomato cages to shape them. These things are beautiful! I love their repeating patterns for the leaves. I just had to take a picture and then test my patience on drawing out each of the leaves…

I love the beautiful pattern though!!! I have been debating on how to color it or even to color it. whenever I start I am like errrrrrrr.. So! At the moment it is just the lines but I am pretty happy with the lines. Whenever my patience has re-spawned from the depths of hell that it went to  I will try to tackle coloring this one. Until then I will take some suggestions on how you would color it! If you decide to give it a wack please tag me in it on instagram or where ever you post it to!!

I am offering this as as a print in my redbubble store and my society6 store. It actually looks pretty cool on a few of the items. I am slightly obsessed with it at the moment!!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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