Violets – Line Art

Happy day before the fourth of July!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I am completely 100% looking forward to being able to sit on a beach and read a book.

I like violets. We have a ton of violets randomly in our back yard. They all look the same for flower shape but some of them have different leaf shapes. This weirds me out slightly. We have a ton of weird plants that have been growing in our back yard…. I have night shade in the back yard and in the front yard. I always pull it out with gloves on. I am not sure why or how it is growing here but I don’t want it! Thanks who ever thought it was a wonderful and pretty decorative plant. Anyways here is my violets line art. I had some issue with figuring out where to stop drawing the endless clusters of violets.

I am offering this as as a print in myredbubble storeand mysociety6 store.It actually looks pretty cool on a few of the items. I totally want so all of the clothing items with this printed on it.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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