Fairy House Colored

Happy Thursday everyone!

So I had planned on doing a bunch of art work this week and have done none of it. I am totally still mentally recovering from working SO many hours the past three weeks. I have started doing power yoga. I think this will be a nice alternative to kick boxing for the time being. I will start doing boxing in my basement. I need to let out some of that rage from time to time. I am sure you will all agree that it is for the best.

So I actually had finished this piece on the train ride back from Boston. I had a whole blog post written up and everything! When I was doing the stores I noticed a few areas that needed to be touched up for whatever reason and then deleted everything. I’m super intelligent! Thus I hs to redo all of the posts for this and everything else. Hooray me!

I had a lot of fun playing with how the light come through the leaves on this one. I really wanted to push my boundaries especially since I will be coloring all of those other line arts soon! (Just need to get motivated.) I decided to add a little resident to the house. I absolutely love her. She reminds me of what our DnD Character’s Fae would look like if she was a little more modern times! I hope you guys enjoy this!

I did go on a hike with RJ recently! I have so many ideas of things I want to draw now. Hopefully this relaxing week will help me get my butt back into gear with work and with art. We did do a periscope of the hike you can find it here. Also check out our Patreon, Facebook, instagram or Twitter for echo Kraken Studios. We like to post each other’s work and some motivational quotes. We try to post everyday! Last month’s print was beautiful. RJ did the shoot. We will hopefully get that posted sometime soon so that everyone can see it. We wanted to give our patreons first look at it last month, and then lost track of time. I did some line art for this month’s print! I will share it with all of you guys after all of the patreons for this month receive it.

You guys can find today’s piece on my RedBubble store and my Society6 store.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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