A Centaur Swashbuckler with a Treasure Map!

Good Afternoon!

Oh my goodness. I am trying to switch up my greeting haha… After two months straight of posting I am getting reeeeeaaaallll tired of the “happy x day all!” starter. I am not sure how I used to do a personal little journal every single friggin’ day. Like why did I think my musings were that important.

Anyways!! I get to go to my friend’s baby shower this weekend! I am super excited for her and her husband! I am also very excited to meet my friend’s little one! May can not come fast enough. ( I am sure she feels the same way too!) I am also very grateful that she decided I was close enough to join her at this wonderful event.

Anyways so onto the next day of our prompts month! I honestly had a lot of fun with this one…So I actually cropped an edited this one so far on my computer, but I didn’t leave the title on it. So while I was writing this I had a mini oh no moment. After a few minutes of fretting on whether I should just make up a title, I remembered I keep all of my originals on my computer and on google hang outs… Yep I am real real smart over here… It’s been a rough beginning of this year all.. I am pretty sure my memory is shot…

Did you guys know that when I was a wee little girl (lol) I was obsessed with drawing horses???? My family who I am sure reads my blogs definitely knows and remembers the animals I was obsessed with. It has been quite a few years since I have drawn a horse but I feel like I did creatively well considering I didn’t us a reference and was drawing with pen. yes yes the pen erases…. but it doesn’t draw the same on the paper after you erase… It’s annoying but I make it work.  I played around some more with how the colored pens work. I do like using them as the shadows and leaving the rest white. I feel like it works better than whatever those scribbles on top of scribbles I tend to do.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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