MerMay Day One – Extravagant

Happy start to another month long daily posting ritual…

I honestly am not sure why I do these things to myself…. They are fun… There are always days or prompts that my brain is like hahahahaha nope… So I think I might do a lot like inktober for those who were with us for that lovely story. For those who were not, I try to keep the posts shorter when it’s a daily posting. Mostly because it becomes a lot of work for me to come up with interesting things to say about my life each post. Hopefully you guys are okay with this ride!! So unlike inktober I decided to do all of the mermaids digitally and in an older style of mine that I had adapted when I had little to no free time to draw. I did however use the illustrations for my old personal blog.

With out further ado the first prompt word was extravagant. So I thought ooo ooo! I should make her wearing a fancy lacy dress and with lots of blingy jewlery. I was also like so I should also set a standard for all of the mermaids! so each mermay was drawn the same size. Since the size and resolution I drew them for was mostly for instagram I have decided for the blog I will try to keep them all at 430×430. I apologize in advance if I forget this standard cause my memory has been that of a gnat lately. I feel like it is a fairly decent size and you will still be able to see the details without them being too small… If an image seems like its going to be too small I’ll make it bigger.

So I also had a moment with this one when I was like so I am going to post it to instagram. If I put too many details on her dress etc then they will just be lost. Since most people view it on their phones you only get that tiny little section of screen. SO I am super excited that I got to play with the texture brushes this time around. I feel like it adds details without me having to nit pick them. I think I might play around with these some more in the future!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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