Pattern Sketches 1 & 2


Happy almost end of week!

I thought today’s sketch looked cute on the top… Not so sure on that choice right now but I am running with it! I am pretty excited about this weekend! It’s my husband’s and my 6 year wedding anniversary! It will be nice to just have me and him time and just chill with each other! We recently did a fire in our backyard and I got covered in bug bites, so I am going to be looking into some area covering anti mosquito things. maybe some of those torches…. Idk….

So I noticed that it would be easy / fun to make some pattern sketches in my rocket book wave since I have the one with the dots. So be prepared for a few more updates of these! I do want to do a bunch of patterns for my stores, but as I was saying to Elizabeth B last night it just takes so much time. Society 6 takes much longer than Redbubble but I want to be able to offer the same designs on each. I think each site has really cool items that the other does not. It’s just more fun that way but also more time. I am hoping that things simmer down some on the weekend work for my full time job. So far it does not appear that way.

I decided to throw in another pattern sketch at the bottom to frame this post….. Enjoy!!


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors
-The Sonne Faun

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