NWN2 Bard Sketch

Happy Tuesday!

How is everyone’s week been going so far? I honestly would love some more time off to work on the house. We are finally able to work on the front yard… AND next weekend it is supposed to rain a lot. le sigh.

bard-1So I recently picked up the humble bundle for Corel Painter. I dusted off my much neglected wacom bamboo tablet I got back in 2007 ish… I havent used this since my husband bought me my samsung tablet. OMG guys… This takes me forever to sketch out… I am so uncoordinated with this now! I had a rogue I wanted to work on at my computer with Corel since I had all the base work done…. ArtFlow only exports as an image sooooooo meh… I decided to draw my neverwinter nights 2 character who is an evil bard. I love playing this character so much. I decided to change up the armor design to something a bit cooler. I am still debating adding her hat. I started with just the red line base and kind of got out of control here…. just a little….

Hopefully I have some time this week to get the last ourdoorsy pattern up in the stores and on my blog on Thursday!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors
-The Sonne Faun

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