Cut out joy


So I just recently became obsessed with this line art (above to the left), and absolutely needed to do a cut out of this piece of art. Before I get into it I want to give props and send everyone to the original artist of this piece. Which actually took forever to find. A lot of people have pinned her piece of art without giving her reference. I think it must be flattering that everyone loves your piece, but it is rude to not even note who actually created it. So without further adieu the original piece can be found here.

I sat down with my tablet on Friday and had to have a mental how do I want to cut this out. I then started to black out around the line art where I would like to cut. I then printed it out on card stock and started cutting. I haven’t gotten very far on it, and my exact-o knife blade is mad old….

It is refreshing to do this, even though the piece is not mine. I haven’t done this type of project for ages. I love doing extremely detailed paper cut outs.  I used to do something like this on a daily basis when I was working at Chemart designing ornaments. Because I haven’t done this for so long I lost the ability to make small curved cuts. I have changed a few things as I cut to make it look less crazy in places.  I will be sure to update when I have completed this little project.

Inquisitor project hasn’t moved very far, since the last update. I will work on it. Thankfully it looks like life may be getting less crazy? Not this week though lots of social events going on. 🙂

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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