Mother’s Day Gifts

Hope that everyone has a wonderful mother’s day!! So I am posting this from my phone late tonight, please forgive any typos or odd layouts… l will try to edit it tomorrow if I get the chance. I wanted to post this albiet a little early, because I am not entirely sure when I may get the chance tomorrow. My mother-in-law is back in the hospital for something hopefully minor so we will be visiting her there tomorrow.

For my mom’s gift I cut corners and actually bought her some bath bombs and a little spa kit. Love you mom! However I didn’t want to make something and have it potentially break in the hands of usps. They have broken enough of my items thank you very much.







For my mother-in-law I made a  cute beach bag I found on pinterest. It carries all your beach needs or wants and rolls out to be a nice sun bathing towel. My husband pitched in for cost and he bought a few of he items for it. 🙂

For my husband’s nana I bought some polymer clay and made this lovely bowl. I wish I could say I slaved over scultping out the birds and flowers but alas I did not. I found this nifty mold for making cake decorations and figured they would work well with clay. My husband picked out the mold and the paint color. He also glazed it for me.


Anyways this was all I had to share with you guys! I hope all the mothers out there have amazing days!!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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