A little more hallway art

So I decided to do some smaller pieces for the hallway. I did 2 more 5 x 7s and 3 4 x 6 pictures.


wpid-20150814_162100.jpg                        wpid-20150814_162109.jpgwpid-20150814_162204.jpg

My husband I went through all the pieces and picked out what ones we want in the hall way… the big green octopus is going to grace the upstairs beach guest room and the 5 x 7 green and yellow octopus does not have a home yet and neither does the 8×10 white outline octopus or the orange and  the 5 x 7 yellow octopus… I wasn’t a huge fan of how those came out compared to the others…

I bought frames for all of them today and accidentally bought an extra 8×10… I’ll have to return it or find a place for that octopus… Will be picking up the paint for the hallway at some point this week. I wanted the pieces protected in frames so that our great dane would stop trying to steal them off of the table and eat them. Silly puppy (only 14 months old).

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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