Spooky Tale Map

wpid-20151029_154742.jpgSo we were able to run through the Dungeons and Dragons (pathfinder) quest I wrote up. They haven’t finished it yet but they have seen most of the areas… I have not taken photos of all the areas… Some of my photos of the maps don’t have color but the final product does.. I don’t really think it makes a difference for sharing it with you guys. This was for the town / small city of Boar Spear. I drew out the country side for them and all of the city. Juliana’s place was outside of town up a path… I drew up the pwpid-20151029_154725.jpgath and some forest areas. I do want to expand on the area and build their world out. I don’t mind using modules, but I found this much more fun and easier for myself. I wrote up a story which I can post at some point if anyone would like to use it. I even made them a nice big enemy, but didn’t really have much for her to continue. I wasn’t sure how things would play out and they played out rather nicely for me to have one of the big bad three enemies. She will be more personal wpid-20151029_154909.jpgfor them as well, which is nice. They haven’t finished this quest line and gotten rid of the entire problem yet, so I don’t want to
post too much and spoil their fun. It was a fun session and I know at least of of the members was talking a bunch about it after the session the next day.
In the world of other crafts and projects, I have wpid-20151029_154917.jpgcreated all of my major Christmas gifts. I plan on possibly doing more, but I have to wait and see how the next few weeks go. I will definitely take pictures of all of them to share them after the holiday season. I know I must sound like a crazy lady that I have already done christmas gifts. To be honest it wasn’t because I was being super eager to do them.. It was because I wanted the option of opening windows in case creating them became super stinky. Thankfully it did not get that smelly! wpid-20151029_154926.jpgSo now I have time if I so choose to do more.

I have been working on some art pieces, but to be honest the program that I use on my tablet has been pissing me off. For some reason since the latest patch it broke the paint brushes, and as soon as you start using one then all of the other swatches are broken as well… I am hoping they fix this asap. Otherwise I may go batty… Anyways that’s all I wanted to share with you for now.


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavours,

-The Sonne Faun


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