Character creation

Hello all!

So lately I have been working on creating D & D maps for the spooky quest my players wanted. I can’t post any 8f it because well if they read my art blog they would spoil parts of their spooky quest. Looks like our next meet up is November 13th so I will be sure to post some pictures and maybe some action shots of the maps I created for them…. I am hoping to be able to reuse some of it because it took me a few weeks just to work up the story and the map…

wpid-20151104_145846.jpgPlaying as a gm has been fun. I need to learn some stuff but otherwise I hope I am emersing them in the stories well enough… It has also made me miss my elder scrolls oblivion character… I have since lost her file due to computer issues but I do have drawings of her somewhere… I will try to post them one of these days… I decided that whenever I can roll a character I kind of really want to make that oblivion character come to life in the world of D & D…. I have started working on her, and have sketched out what she would look like…. I want to do this with my groups current characters as well. Hopefully I will have time in the days to come to do this. With out further adue here is the sketch I have done for Ka’leen.


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavours,

-The Sonne Faun


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