Tigger and Roo

This piece was super time consuming. I wanted it to be perfect for my mom. I found this super duper cute picture of Tigger and Roo online. I almost did a picture of the whole crew with a birthday cake and I am kind of glad that I didn’t do that just because this took me 5 hours to do. To the leftis the original art work that I found online, and the one to the right is the piece that I did.

I was super nervous that I would really mess this up AND keep my mother-in-law at the pottery studio with me ALLL DAYY… Thankfully like I said it only took me 5 hours… so I just kept her there for a little over half of the day no big deal. I sketched the design onto the vase and then outlined the whole thing in black. Those two steps I feel like were the most painful. I didn’t want to erase anything in case the eraser left some kind of weird marking on it. I then realized that coffee and donuts right before doing this probably not the best choice in my life as I had to go over my pencil with the black glaze. After that I found glazes that I thought matched the characters well and filled them in.


Since it is a bisque and got handled by tons of people before coming to me it had some “dings” on it. I knew this when I picked out the piece and had absolutely no issue with it. I decided to paint it two shades of blue. I had a moment of it would look weird without any blue on the front too moment and found a sponge. I just sponged some of the blue around the edges to make it a little more complete.

To the right is how the whole piece looks after it has been fired. I am really happy with how it turned out. My brother had concerns over the black not looking cartoon-y enough since I didn’t spend the extra time to re-outline it after adding all of the color. This definitely makes me want to try more of a painting with the glazes than I have done before. Maybe a nice landscape scene is in the future for someone’s gift.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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