Climbing up – Color

So I did struggle with coloring this. Mostly because I am trying to get all of my settings back to how they were. Honestly… I don’t know why an application publisher would make it so that an update would do this. Super annoying… I did look up some lighting references and feel like that did turn out well.

Things I would do differently? I would redo the stone work into actual stone work like one of my old pieces. I might do some throw back thursdays, so everyone can see what I mean by it. I feel like if I combined that old piece with this one it would of made the background.

I do love the texture I figured out how to add. I also like the lighting from the well or whatever you want to call it. Maybe this will be a redraw in a few years. I know those seem to be popular again right now, so I bet they will be popular in a few years as well.

Alright-y I am going to get back to the weekly grind!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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