You Got This

Good Afternoon Everyone!

So this post is bitter sweet. Approx. 6 months ago my husband and I lost a close friend. She was battling Cystic Fibrosis for years and never told many of her friends. I know she wouldn’t of wanted any of the special treatment or pitty looks. She just wanted to live her life to the fullest that she could. Despite having CF she would go for runs, and play volley ball. My husband used to go watch her play volley ball in high school.


Since the shock of it all has calmed down, it is still hard for us to know that we can’t just send her a text message, or call her to see if she’s doing anything. I know many of her close friends and family feel the same. I have had 6 months to reflect on my life, and I have made a few changes through out these 6 months. One of them is this amazing blog, and starting to sell my artwork. I have another thing that is also in the works, but it is not yet official.


I also wanted to do something for her. A lot like a tribute I suppose… I waited until I was fully ready and could commit myself to doing this. Even now it was hard looking at pictures of her to draw her in my style. I really hope that her family approves of how I have depicted her. I wanted to show her playing volley ball, because I know she enjoyed it a lot. I also wanted to include one of her sayings she used to say as words of encouragement whenever you came to her with your problems. You got this!
ALL PROFIT FROM THE SALES OF THIS ART WORK WILL GO TO BEASTRONG! You can find the BeaStrong page here . I want this tribute of her to go to something good and to go to CF research, so I figured what better way than give it to the organization her family started to gather funds for this purpose.


You can find the artwork for sale in my RedBubble Store here. RedBubble only at the moment as i get 20% of all sales there and I would like to give that profit to beastrong as I have stated earlier.


As Ashley always said, “today is a good day for a good day!”

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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