Online Stores Review

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hope all of your weekends went well!

Today I am actually writing my reviews. Ahhhhh… I hadn’t done them before today because I feel like I am taking away some of the wonderful art from you. However, I said I would do it so here it is!

The shower curtain I got from Society 6 is amazing. I am not just saying that because it have my beautiful cherry blossoms on it. The blue I had used is just as vibrant as I had wanted it. It is AMAZING. So it is a fabric curtain. My husband and I got a clear liner for the curtain. It doesn’t let any water to splatter all over the bath room but it did get pretty wet. I honestly want it to stay nice and vibrant for as long as possible and this would happen better if it didn’t get wet every day.



The bath mat I got matches so well! I was actually afraid that the different materials would make the blues not match but they still match!! It is incredible. It is super duper soft! The non-slip bottom works super well. trust me Im the world’s biggest klutz. We have washed it and it came out of the wash fine. We wash everything in cold water and dry everything on cool to help preserve colors and materials. I am sure if you follow the care instructions it will come out just as nice!



Onto my RedBubble store purchase! I got the studio bag. At first I was kind of surprised because of how they display the bag it makes it look like a fabric bag. It is a canvas bag which made me super happy. I wanted to use it for my make up bag for traveling. I got the small and it fits so much in it!! I absolutely love it. If you want to fit like your hair brush in it as well I would opt for the larger bag. I have taken it with me to and from my recent work travels and it has held up marvelously! The print quality is outstanding as well!

Be sure to check out my stores both locations really hold up on the quality!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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