Time to go to the bar!

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone’s week has been going well! It has still been a non-stop busy stream for me. I am hoping that maybe this weekend I can play catch up. We shall see!!

Today’s workout item is the barbell! I  don’t really use these at the gym my back is funky enough. However they were fun to draw! There is one more weight that I plan on doing and then I and going to put three items together for a fun print! My end goal is to make up a pattern with a whole bunch of workout items on it for some cute all over patterns.

There are so many puns for these guys and not really a lot of fun ones. So this pun is a little boring but I think it is cute. Meet me at the bar!

I am working on some more art to post other than the work out items I am also working on. I also have two large commissions that I absolutely need to start working on. One of them I can’t share with any of you, but I can share the other one as soon as it has been completed! I am super excited for it!

You can find these barbells at my red bubble store here without the font and here with the font. As well as my society 6 store here without the font and here with the font.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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