Love Handles

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! My parents were out here not too long ago so I did not get any commission work done. It’s alright though I will be able to work on it hopefully this week. I do have a new sketch that I hope to share with you guys this week. Hoping I can get things re-balanced as nothing is slowing down. I don’t really want to drop the ball on anything.

This weeks work out item in my workout series is the kettle bell! This one was actually a little less easy to draw than I thought it would be. Just the way mine is shaped made some of the shadows really weird. I decided to take some out for the sake of simplicity. I wanted to play with yellow. It is another color I don’t use very often. I find it annoying to find the right shade to make shadows with. This also took me a bit of drawing and then redrawing.


For the pun! Legit this is the most fun of the entire work out items. I was thinking of putting it as the o in love. I also thought I could do live love lift. More cow bell as well. I was also thinking about the kettle part. Like put the kettle on. However I really liked the Love and wanted to use it… So drum roll please…. I picked Love Handle! I thought it was cute. Not sure if anyone else in the entire world agrees with that.

So I did play with the background color on redbubble and made it with a dark blue. I would like to state that I could make another posting with another background color since it is a png file. Leave me a comment in the comment section here or on any of my numerous social media sites. I know I am slacking on the flikr front. I will get to you eventually filkr… I’m so sorry.


Without further ado! You can find the kettle bell prints at my red bubble store here without the font and here with the font. As well as my society 6 store here without the font and here with the font.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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