Ka’Leen – D&D Sorcerer

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am getting a little odd and feel like it seems boring if I am always like good afternoon everyone… I am definately going to look into other afternoon greatings that I can use! Maybe like one from a different country every week? I don’t know haha…

So today I am going to break up the work out items with a sketch and some line art. This piece is of my Dungeons and Dragons character. So she is completely out of my comfort zone…. By that I mean her personality… I made her really really nice and slightly overly trusting. She is kind of a sheltered character who left her home for two very cliche reasons, ha…

A little more about her is her name is Ka’Leen (pronounced Kay-Leen). She is half-elf, half-red dragon. This is part of the reason she is so sheltered her mom kept her pretty close to her hip. Ka’leen likes to be helpful to her friends, but her help is almost always awkward. Like lighting a door on fire, or a party member…

So difficulties for this piece so far would include drawing her hands, also her chest… She is a relatively small figure she’s pretty short for an elf and she has more of an athletic / petite build. She is currently wearing a “cloak” which I always envisioned as super flowy and not exactly tight. I didn’t want her to look boy-ish in it though, but realistically her smaller chest size probably wouldn’t show in it.

So some of the details I took out of the lines, because I like to add those into the color when I color a piece. I may cang up her bottom lip a little in the colored version.


I will be working on the colored version in-between working on the last commission. I finished the other commission at the moment. Unless they have some revisions on those. Otherwise it might just be a few weeks of just my work out items series! Which admit it you love the puns!


Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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