Christmas Gift – RJ

Happy Day second week of 2018!!!

So the guy who asked for the commissions earlier this year is actually one of my friends. I met him when I started this new job. We didn’t talk a lot when we first met and the friendship has bloomed rather quickly between us. He is a pretty awesome guy! So I was looking at the first commission that I did for him and I really really wanted to see it on other items. You could say this was partly because I am really proud of the first piece (I hadn’t finished the realistic piece yet). So this was slightly just to feed into my artistic ego. I really don’t do this a lot I typically look back on something and am like why did I post this?

I was going to put it on a shirt but that was just not working out to my favor. So I put it on a pillow!! Like who does not need an amazing pillow?! Plus he’s a guy and I am sure he needs some decorations for his sofa! (lol)

But look at it!!! I love this so friggin’ much! It printed really well. Not that I would ever make something that wouldn’t be print quality but I was so excited about this! I legit showed all the people I could without him finding out. Commissions will be coming next year for anyone who has been wanting me to do something for them. I need to set up the paypal accounts for people who don’t know me. Sorry everyone I don’t need you knowing my non-sonnefaunart email! As well as some paperwork, and rules.

I already know that my January is going to be a mad house for work. Lots of travel! I don’t mind it other than I can’t go to kick boxing but I can go running. So the commission work might come after that. I am also working with my close friend on a few things which I hope you all will love!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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