Bearded Dragons!

Hello Everyone!

I am traveling for work a lot this month so I wanted to pre-write a bunch of blog posts, but my gaming addiction has gotten in the way! I will have to work on them more seriously next weekend.. Though to be honest these pieces did take me a while to complete and to make just right in the stores!

One of my good friends asked me to do some lizard art, so I did! I actually wasn’t sure how I would make a plaid pattern out of lizard faces. Some of there faces are not all that well defined. Lizards a cute though…. I supposed only to some of us.. I am in the I dislike bugs group not the dislike of lizards. Because my friend owns and can keep her lizards alive unlike me when I first moved to the east coast, I am going to start the lizard posts with one of her babies and end it with her other baby!

So I am starting this with a Bearded Dragon. I wanted to try to keep them in the same style as the dog faces but found it hard with some like the bearded because of their coloration. 

So then came the plaid ideas. Like I stated above not all lizards have that wonderful defined face, so I had to find one that would work with all of the shapes and sizes! I believe I came up with a pretty good plaid. If you guys disagree or would like me to try different plaids let me know!! My friends beardy is a girrrl! I just had to pick the color combination based on that. I owe it to her for the art idea!!

If you are wondering about how this looks on items go check them out in my stores! They are seriously cute!! I made the plaid different sizes for different items in my society 6 store and in my redbubble. You have to have the perfect amount of cute plaid on each item!! You can find just the faces here (RedBubble) or here (Society6), and you can find the super cute plaid here (RedBubble) or here (Society6)! Perfect for all those lizard moms out there!

I do have some really fun future items (not art, but related to my art) coming up soon!! I am hoping that I can work it into my crazy 2018 schedule. At least I am keeping busy!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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