Sunflowers Sketch

Happy second day of the week all!

I got some time last week to sketch in between waiting for client replies and studying. I try not to stare at study material for hours on end. I feel like you get to a point where you are no longer absorbing the material. I went through my phone looking for random pictures which may serve as a good reference and found one that I had taken from a cafe we went to recently. It was of sun flowers in a mason jar. The cafe was cute and very rustic. I loved how they looked in the jar!

Thankfully all of my other flower works have helped me with this. I feel like if I hadn’t practiced so much with the other flowers these might of turned out a bit special. There still were a few moments were I thought it would look weird but I just trusted the process.

This past weekend was a rain out so we didn’t get a chance to do the echo Kraken Studios team outing, but we are hoping to do something more in a few weeks. We just have to decide what we will be doing! My line art has been posted on the Patreon! I will be sharing it with you all in a week or two.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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