Ann Boleyn Background art (English Garden)

Hello everyone!

I had a nice weekend. Last week wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was going to be after having 3.5 weeks off from work. Not going to lie was also not the best 3 days back to work but could of always been worse. Spent the weekend recovering from coming back to work after so long. We did some stuff with friends and then just chilled at home playing video games and wrestling with the pups.

So I was also going back through all of my blog posts from last year and it seems like I have neglected all of you with updates of Ann Boleyn. I am sorry I thought when ever I did the live streams that I made a post about it. Apparently I did not.. If I did maybe it was a off hand comment in the post…. I didn’t read all of those posts from the last year. To those who watch our streaming on the echo Kraken Studios’ Periscope (found here). I also need to apologize to all of you people as well. I got lazy for the week in between Christmas and New years and instead of sitting at my computer desk I curled up on the couch binge watched supernatural and worked on this piece. So I am sorry I was lazy the one time I had time to actually take the time to stream my self working on art work instead of it just being Elizabeth on the stream all the time…. (sorry Elizabeth!) haha starting off this year with apologizes yes!

Anyways! I thought I would share with all of you lovely people the line art background for this piece and talk about some of my learning curves. So here we go! Here is the finished background line art!

This actually I think took me the longest to do out of the whole piece. I am not super good at drawing backgrounds. I am not really sure why.. Well I kind of am… I don’t do it enough I suppose. I used to paint backgrounds all the time especially in high school, so you would think that I would be at least a little good at drawing them…. But they are something I wanted to work on this past year. So I have done just this one….. Just this piece has a back ground… I did however start working on drawing flowers and objects. This did help me draw this background though.

In the end I am pretty happy with this background. There are a few things that I know I need to work on, but that is part of growing as an artist!

I was debating putting this in my store and then just eventually was like why not? So if you like this line art you can find it here or here.

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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