Stain Glass Throw Back Thursday

Happy Thursday all!!

Recently my mom shipped out some of my stuff which I had abandoned at their house and just never got around to getting. Don’t worry mom and dad I’ll get the rest of it this fall…. Hopefully…. Anyways most of the boxes were my Christmas stuff. Mom had sent it out prior to Christmas. I’m sure with some intention that I may actually use my childhood ornaments…… I was far too busy this year to even think about getting a Christmas tree. No regrets there totally enjoyed every moment of the cruise and vacation. I did set up my mini fake tree that I have had since my college days. I am sure my room mate remembers it. I decorated it with the ornaments that I used to design (surprise guys I had an actual design job at one point!) I’ll share the ornaments maybe next year or in a week after I take it down. I know I know I’ve been slacking…..


ANYWAYS! I found some of my old art items in the box. I also have had some old ceramics in the basement that I organized earlier this year, and never thought to do anything with them. I am real original guys… I forgot I could post them… I know…. I’ll share them with you when I finish organizing my basement…. I figured though the pieces that my mom sent me are currently not in the basement squirreled away for a new eternity yet! So I could share them with you! If you guys dislike this sort of thing just drop me a comment below and I wont do the other post or two that I have in mind. So this one is one of the stain glass pieces that I did. I say one because I did countless others… I am not sure what happened to them…..

This piece is supposed to be a picture frame. I am actually thinking of keeping this one out I just need to find a new backing for it.

Obviously I wasn’t that amazing at doing stained glass. The soldering job could be better but honestly not sure if I would be much better now as an adult. I did enjoy doing stained glass though! Like how I enjoy doing ceramics. It is a nice side event… Is event the right word…. Side….. I’m not sure what word to use… I am sure you all get what I am trying to say…. I love traditional drawing ([en, pencil etc) and digital art the most.

I think I will leave it at there for this week! I do do have a few other pieces of throw back high school art to share with you guys. I am thinking of breaking it up a little bit with the Ann Boleyn updates. Let me know if you guys would rather I not do this in the comments below or if you guys love this. If you guys love this I have a ton…. and I mean a ton of old drawings and I could make this into a once a month thing or something. Anyways keep me posted on if this is a yay or nay!!!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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