Throw Back Thursday – Color Pencils

Happy Last Throw back Thursday guys!

Well last for some time at least. I think it is fun to look back on what you’ve accomplished, but it isn’t good to look back for too long. Before we get into the piece I picked out for this weeks throw back, I would like to cover some house keeping. As of the first of February I will be participating in my collaboration company’s art challenge. So it is starting tomorrow! Ah! I am excited for this! Here is the order that we are posting the seven deadly sins! I hope all of you enjoy this journey! I will try to make the posts a little bit longer than I did for inktober but I can’t make many promises on that.

Keep an eye on our echo Kraken Studios Instagram to see everyone in our team’s art work!!!!

Today’s throw back piece is from my first year in college. We had a traditional art work class. I got in trouble during this class a bunch because I “wouldn’t do what they wanted”. Mostly I was told the list of how they wanted it and then I did what I thought they meant.  Still passed the class with flying colors. It’s always interesting when you get a bunch of artists together in one room and have 30 interpretations on one piece of instructions.

Today’s piece I believe we were supposed to draw a car with the “wet” style of color pencils. I feel like this is what most people end up doing when they first start working with color pencils as it’s easy to accidentally create it. I love this car so much I wish I could live in an area that wouldn’t rust it to death!

Excited to share pride with you guys tomorrow!!!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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