A weekly update – More Inquisitor WIP and a fun work item

Hello everyone!

I decided to forgo the throw back Thursday this week and update you guys. I am sorry for the lack of update earlier this week. I had meant to update Tuesday with this, however we ended up having issues with our new used truck. So my husband and I were stuck in his work parking lot until a friend came and saved us. We didn’t get home until super late and then I had a super hyper pup to contend with while making dinner… It seems like it may be a transmission issue, however we have yet to hear back from the dealership. So frustrating! Yesterday I was stuck working from home, so I was pretty busy all day. When my Husband got home I had to take his car to do the shopping I couldn’t do on Tuesday and finish up my Mother-In-Law’s mother’s day gift.  I will post pictures of the gifts after Mother’s Day. 🙂wpid-screenshot_2015-05-07-12-29-49.png

Anyways I started working on the background for the inquisitor piece. I mainly started doing this, because I got super moody with coloring Cullen and my inquisitor…. However I started getting moody with the background.. I think there is too much going on in my life. The one thing I feel like I have control over is my art, however when not in the right mindset it can seem like you aren’t getting the results you feel you should… So aggravating.

wpid-wp-1431016254577.jpgBut because of this I found some coloring sheets online. There were some color pencils laying around my office, and I have a huge plot printer here. Coloring it in helped  clear my crazy brain. I went out and bought some more color pencils and put a note for anyone to join in and color a little. It is a nice little stress reliever. If anyone knows of any places I could find some more complex color sheets let me know!

Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all your endeavors,

-The Sonne Faun


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