Ceramic Christmas Tree

Happy half way to Christmas everyone!!

I painted a Christmas tree at my friend’s business. I was kind of wish-y wash-y on doing one. I still have a sugar skull I need to finish from Halloween…. It has a total of one color on it. Our pup’s grooming session went super fast.

I am not sure how many coats I put on this. Going around in a circle is confusing. I think it was a total of 4 coats and this is the first piece that I’ve done that has absolutely no streaks anywhere. not sure why. Maybe because I did four coats instead of 3?

I wanted it to look very cartoon-y I’m not really a traditional Christmas person. I think working retail for as long as I did kind of rubbed my Christmas likes and dislikes away. I do still love decorating my actual Christmas tree very classy. I feel like the timeless piece for that means I spend less money on making it match the house. We used to move from apartment to apartment and things sometimes looked really bad in certain rooms. I also have my 10 trees worth of childhood ornaments back at my parents house. Shipping them out here would be too spend-y so they are living there at the moment. When we have kids I’ll get them.

I had to hot glue the lights in because they kept wanting to pop out but I love it!!

How does everyone else decorate for Christmas? We can have a lively discussion about this on my blog down in the comments or on any of my social medias (is that how we are saying it now? Medias?)

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Until next time, safe travels and good luck on all of your endeavors,
-The Sonne Faun

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